Botanical Garden with Water Contents opened at the Safet Zajko Center

October 21, 2017 12:15 PM

A botanical garden with water contents was opened yesterday at the Center for education, sports and recreation “Safet Zajko”, which the Municipality of Novi Grad built in the complex of the former barracks.

Therefore, the biggest park in the city of Sarajevo with various sports and recreational facilities received another nicely decorated space in which all generations will be able to enjoy, from the youngest to the oldest ones.

The botanical garden occupies the space of about 2.5 hectares of the park, and it includes three artificial lakes with waterfalls. They are connected with pedestrian bridges, and space for walk and rest areas were built throughout the entire park as well. There is a fountain with a waterfall in the central part of the lake, and the ambiance is completed with over a hundred different plant species. A special group of plants includes Pancic’s spruce (lat. Picea omorica), Gingko (lat. GInco Biloba) and Magnolia (lat.Magnolia sp.). Additionally, the whole area is lit up in the evening, which is giving a special atmosphere for the visitors.

“We opened this representative sports and recreation center two years ago. It has lots of greenery, athletic track, a soccer stadium with artificial grass, basketball and children’s playgrounds, as well as numerous other facilities for children and adults. We are proud of this project and we can proudly present it to everyone who comes outside of Sarajevo and from all over Europe, “said the Mayor of the Municipality of Novi Grad, Semir Efendic.

During the opening of the new part of the park, the Deputy Mayor of Sarajevo, Ivica Saric, addressed all attendees. He congratulated to the municipality’s management on this unique project and noted that this is an oasis that was necessary for the city of Sarajevo and its residents.

The center “Safet Zajko” is a favorite place for rest and recreation, it is visited by more than 250,000 people every year, and during the weekend, when the weather is nice, there are between 4000 and 5000 visitors.





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