Bosnia’s Youth made Movie sending the “Let’s Stay Here” Message

Eighteen members of the Center for Education and Socializing from Jajce made a film of the symbolic title “Let’s Stay Here”.

That Jajce is not immune to the departure of young people, political and any other divisions, they have presented in their film, honestly and with language that is understandable to all generations.

“There are four themes in the movie: politics, religion, nation and love, all condemned to the ruin by friends, locals and parents because of the love of two people of different religions.

“In the movie, they used the author’s music, as well as shots from the air,” the press team of the Viva Film Festival said.

The movie “Let’s Stay Here” will compete with other youth films created within free three-day workshops for one of the valuable awards at the Viva Film Festival from 18th to 21st September in Sarajevo and another 17 BH cities.

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