Bosnians in Sweden traditionally gather at Ski Resort to strengthen their Ties


For five years in a row, the APU Network (Network of Academics, Entrepreneurs and Artists), an association of Bosnian-Herzegovinian people in Sweden, have been organizing a one-week “Snowflake” ski school during the Christmas holidays.

The event is traditionally organized at Idre Fjäll, a ski center in Älvdalens, a municipality in the Dalarna region. During one week, Bosnians from Sweden, as well as from other European countries, gather at this ski resort to strengthen their ties through various sports activities as well as entertainment.

This year, Bosnians welcomed their friends from Germany and neighboring Norway.

Din Koldzo, one of the 20 licensed ski coaches and leaders of the association, says that the number of participants is growing every year, so last year there were about 200 participants, while this year the number increased to 270.

The APU Network paid training for all coaches, while participants of this event pay the cost of their stay themselves, at a discount received by this association.

It is important to emphasize that coaches, as well as others involved in this event, work on a volunteer basis.The events are tailored to the youngest ones, so this year about 100 participants attended the ski school.

After skiing, the socializing continued with after-ski fun.  In addition to skiing, participants also competed in other sports, such as table tennis, football, etc.

The event was also reported by the Swedish media as a good example of integration.



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