Bosnian Woman explained what means Refugee Sadness

bosnianThe refugee crisis split the world into two parts. While there is more and more of those who support raising the walls to prevent refugees in finding a new roof over their heads, there are people who sympathize with them as well.

One of them is Ismeta Jovicevic who is originally from Prijedor, and now a US citizen. Unnerved by attitude of people around the world towards people who were forced to leave their homes to sleep in the unknown street, and while starving and freezing prayed for a little humanity, Ismeta sent a letter to all of those who does not understand the refugee sadness.

She wrote a story about how you become a refugee, and the text was published by the American ydr.com.

This Bosniak woman recalled childhood in Prijedor in her letter, and noted the reasons why she had to leave her hometown and become a refugee.

You become a refugee after they mark you as different and undesirable, and then they show it to you by killing your beloved ones and shelling a home in which you grew up, explained Ismeta, and emphasized that people who escaped from their homes were forced on such desperate move.

“When you see the blood spilled on the streets and become surrounded by dead bodies, you get scared,” wrote Ismeta, adding that a man only thinks about how to save his life in such situation.

She also commented on the attitude of many people who ask why, instead of becoming refugees, they did not stay and defend their homes.

“How to defend yourself when they are attacking you by missiles,” she explained and emphasized that in such cases there are no two conflicting sides, but a well-equipped military force that goes against shocked civilians.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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