Bosnian Security Minister: Sarajevo International Airport should be closed immediately


Sarajevo International Airport should be closed immediately for passengers because abuses by persons and airlines from individual countries are occurring, Minister of Security Fahrudin Radoncic said.

On his Instagram profile, due to the interest of numerous media on this issue, he announced that Sarajevo International Airport should be closed as soon as possible for passengers, but not for the transport of goods. “The owner of the Sarajevo International Airport is the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the same Government has activated the Federal Civil Protection Staff, which works, indeed, effectively and delivers excellent measures. It would be necessary to make a request to the Bosnian Coordination Body for Protection and Rescue, as already done by the BiH Border Police, ”said Radoncic, who is also the president of the Coordination Body for the Protection and Rescue of People and Material Property from Natural and Other Disasters.

He said that if, he receives a request from the Federal Civil Protection Staff for the closure of the International Airport, would do his best to speak about this issue at session of the Council of Ministers. “The Council of Ministers, following the procedure, can immediately, at the proposal of the BiH Coordination Body, adopt such a measure,” Radoncic explained.



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