Bosnian Security Minister: Ambassador of Pakistan refuses to reveal Identity of Migrants


A statement by the Embassy of Pakistan in Sarajevo, alleging, that on January 30 this year, the Ambassador of Pakistan “invited BiH Security Minister Fahrudin Radoncic to his office, where they discussed the issue of illegal migrants,” the Bosnian Ministry of Security said on Monday that this was a complete falsehood, which was quite well documented by photographs.

“Namely, it was just the opposite. Pakistan’s Ambassador, Muhammad Khalid Rao, requested a meeting with Radoncic, and Radoncic – as evidenced by the photos provided – received him at the office of the BiH Minister of Security,” the statement said.

He stressed that Pakistan’s Ambassador asked to be received, not to discuss the 3,000 illegal migrants from his country, who are hiding their identity from BiH security authorities, but asked Radoncic to pressure the Sarajevo Canton Prosecution to send a body of a deceased person from Pakistan.

“That this is indeed true, is evidenced by a letter with the same date of visit, January 30, 2020, which we deliver to the public. His Excellency, Ambassador Muhammad Khalid Rao handed it over to BiH Security Minister Radončić on that day.

On this occasion, the Ambassador of Pakistan also refused to speak seriously and responsibly with the Ministry of Security of BiH and the security structures of our country and to fulfill his obligation to reveal the identity of Pakistani citizens who have been staying illegally and without documents for a long time in BiH.

Security Minister Fahrudin Radoncic stated that he would not argue with ambassadors who are willing to act fraudulently against BiH citizens and top officials of our country,” the statement said.

The BiH Ministry of Security announces that it will continue to carry out its legal obligations persistently and, despite the pressures, to prevent illegal economic migration and to prepare for the return of persons without identification to their countries of origin.

“Such irresponsible behaviour of the aforementioned ambassador further raises the issue of public confidence in his work and his stay in BiH,” said the BiH Ministry of Security Fahrudin Radoncic.

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