Bosnian saved Eight People from certain Death

March 19, 2018 10:15 AM

Zoran Mijic from Kozarska Dubica saved eight people from a certain death. He acts instinctively in critical moments when someone’s life is in danger, and that turned out to be crucial in those situations. He is also well-known for his humanitarian work although he is unemployed, and he shares everything he has with the people in need.

“Hero of the Great Heart” is the most common comment for Zoran Mijic who said that he saved eight lives from a certain death.

He saved people who were injured in traffic accidents, football players who got injured during the football matches and two years ago, he even saved a girl who fled from home from freezing.

He received awards for his deeds from the Orthodox and Catholic Church, from the Islamic Community, from the Football Association and the President of the RS, from Nezavisne novine and Vecernji List. But, he received the greatest gratitude from the people that he saved.

One of them is Nemanja Maric from Prijedor who was injured three years ago in the football match. When the doctor gave up on the fight for Nemanja’s life, Mijic saved him.

“It is interesting that little Nemanja Maric celebrates his birthday on every March 8, when his rescue happened, and his family makes dinner and gathering on my birthday. That is very nice,” noted Mijic.

Zoran is dealing with football his entire life, but he is a locker, currently without a job. He gave all of his cash prizes to vulnerable clubs and families.

The support, letters, appreciations, awards and acknowledgments mean a lot to Zoran, but the largest award for him would be a permanent job with which he would be able to provide to his family.

(Source: N1)



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