Bosnian who returned from Abroad stops Other BH Residents from leaving

March 20, 2018 11:00 AM

Suad Beslic returned from Germany to his homeland BiH with the aim to start a local company that is engaged in the production of fire trucks intended for the export to Germany and other world markets. His return gave the hope to young people in Zivinice.

“We are making sophisticated fire trucks in accordance with customer’s request and we are one of four companies of that type in the entire world,” said Suad.

Suco is one of 13 small and medium-sized enterprises that are beneficiaries of the project Diaspora Invest. The main aim of this project is to facilitate investments of the Diaspora in BiH and provide grants and technical assistance to investors in the early phase of their business.

“The turning point for me were tears of a mother that I met in Kalesija” stated Beslic. “If my child goes abroad, will both his wife and my grandchildren go as well?” she asked in tears.

The thought that he is separating a family from his homeland followed him all the way to Munich, where he lived back then. He decided to make a different proposal to the director of the company that he was working for. He proposed to open a company in BiH and work for Lentner from there. Thus, Suco Ltd. started operating, and training for new workers was organized in Germany, after which they would return to BiH.

Suco Ltd. employed 25 local workers in the town of Zivinice. Employees, whose age is around 21 years in average, are going through regular internship program in the company in BiH as well as in Germany, and the company is maintaining working standards through competitive salaries on time, free weekends and 40-hour working weeks.

Suad’s story does not end here. The story of success of Suco Ltd. goes much further than the town of Zivinice and BiH. They are expecting another company from Munich to start its production in BiH soon.

“I like to be an example for myself, but also for others. To show them that it can happen. I want companies one by one to start coming here in order for our children to stay here in BiH. Nowhere is as beautiful as when you are at home,” concluded Beslic.




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