Bosnian Olivera Nedic among Hundred best Professors in the World

Olivera Nedic was born in Derventa. She graduated from the General High School in her hometown, and then enrolled at the Faculty of Science in Banja Luka, majoring in geography and ethnology. She holds a Master’s degree in Economics and Management from the International Master’s Degree in ECPD, United Nations University in Belgrade.

She is a professor of democracy and geography in two schools, in the Elementary School “Sveti Sava” in Doboj and in the Elementary School “Desanka Maksimovic” in Stanari.

“I consider it a privilege, given that I have the opportunity to meet the needs of children living here, in the city center, but also children who are in rural areas, how they fit, especially in the age of online teaching, which is our reality. It is no longer a blackboard, chalk and how to bring it closer to every child, regardless of where they lived, “said Olivera Nedic, BHRT writes.

Nedic is one of the hundred best professors in the world, the winner of the most prestigious award in the field of education, the Global Award for Teachers / AKS Education Award. And it all started with the EduBalkan virtual community, which in the field of education tried to respond to the situation in which the world found itself.

“I am part of the EduBalkan community, and it primarily started as the idea of ​​Zeljana Radojicic-Lukic from Serbia, who was the first to receive this prestigious award in the Balkans. She then organized us to expand in this Balkan region and have a strong network that responded so boldly and successfully in the COVID situation when our schools were locked and when we suddenly, without any preparation for this online process, found ourselves facing the use of platforms for which the teaching staff was mostly not prepared, “Nedic pointed out.

The EduBalkan community gathered about 30,000 teachers in one place within 15 days. Teachers exchanged materials, improved, gave each other what they would create themselves.

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