Bosnian Martina Fisic collects Money to build School in Africa


Martina Fisic from Novi Travnik in Bosnia-Herzegovina is leading an action to build a school in the village of Karundi in Uganda these days in Dublin. After going to Ireland, this 30-year-old accounting and finance magistrate ended, she says, by accident, as she sought an unusual vacation, Avaz news portal reports.

“I was searching through Facebook and a picture of my sister Franciska from Busovaca, surrounded by children from Africa, came to my attention, which I had met the year before. I knew this was it, I contacted her and started the journey to Africa,” said Fisic, who in this way best represents her native BiH. Upon arrival in Uganda, a local priest invited them to visit his hometown of Karundi.

“They literally dug their way to the village with their hands. They survive from huge banana plantations. The kids were barefoot, their clothes were torn, their shorts and T-shirts more like cloths. The building, which was supposed to be a school, was built of planks, without windows and doors, in the rainy season it is completely destroyed. They have no toilet, no water, no electricity, and they are so happy and satisfied. I returned to Dublin, but my heart remained there,” Fisic said.

This is how the project came about, and they decided, in conversation with the pastor, that the best help would be to build a school.

Part of the funds, she says, have already been raised so locals began digging the grounds.

“The locals do everything by hand, the project consists of five classrooms and a sanitary facility and costs 19,498 euros in full. I launched the campaign through the world’s largest donor platform “Go found me”, and so far, 2,000 euros has been raised,” explained Fisic.

“If they do not go to school, they do not learn English, they are not educated, they have no future. There are currently more than 250 children in this school, the biggest reward will be their smiles. Having a school for them means having a world! They have the opportunity to learn a craft, get a job, support a family and make their dreams come true. The success of each child becomes the success of the community and the country. Education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world. Let’s give these children a chance, ” Fisic concluded.

All interested can read more about the action here.


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