Bosnian Experts designed the first smart Disinfection Tunnel


The coronavirus pandemic has prompted the domestic experts to adapt to new circumstances and construct SDT or smart disinfection tunnel as the first prototype of a domestic smart disinfection tunnel jointly designed by MAGNET Studio d.o.o. and Natron-Hayat d.o.o.

Given the type of work that this company does, and the circumstances in which it is currently located, it was not possible to switch the whole business to work from home, and because of the type of work, a larger number of employees had to stay within the combine, news portal reports.

Guided by world standards, Natron-Hayat d.o.o. has taken all possible measures and recommendations in providing a safe environment, prevention and protection against the COVID-19 virus.  Procurement of disinfection tunnels was one of the priorities, but current solutions offered on the Bosnia and Herzegovinian and world markets were not technically adequate to respond to the thousands of passes of employees, subcontractors and partners, and no uniform and controlled consumption could be made on the available solutions. chemicals that are very expensive today.

The STD is basically run by a small microcomputer that, based on the sensor, controls the full functionality of this tunnel.  The STD achieves high pressures of 100 bars, with which, with high-quality high-pressure nozzles, it completely converts the fluid into water mist, which is evenly distributed throughout the human body.

Version 1.0 of this tunnel allows monitoring of the fluid level in the tank and timely shutdown of the system if the tank is emptied.


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