Bosnian donated a Kidney to her Husband and saved his Life

March 27, 2018 9:00 AM

Bosnian Suada Hodzic (53) from Sanski Most donated her kidney to her husband Hasan (60), and the organ transplantation surgery was performed at the University Clinical Center in Grenoble (France) just several days ago.

They are both feeling well and the process of recovery after surgery is going according to plan.

Considering the fact that both of them had different blood groups, a complicated treatment of de-immunization preceded the surgery, which was successfully completed. Hasan has been suffering from a severe kidney disease, which was the reason for his haemodialysis treatments for years.

Since there is no center for haemodialysis in Sanski Most, the patients who are suffering from kidney disease had to travel to the Cantonal Hospital in Bihac for their treatments, which is around 120 kilometers away.

From recently, this healthcare service is provided for them at the General Hospital in Prijedor, which is much closer to Sanski Most.

However, continuous treatments and trips are very difficult for patients, and Hasan’s health condition became more and more difficult, which is why the transplantation of a kidney was the only salvation for his life.

Last year, he decided to join the transplantation program that is conducted by the NGO “Open Network”, and which is intended for healthcare and humanitarian assistance to seriously ill residents of our country.

“This represents a new beginning for us, because we are everything to each other. I did not have a single doubt on whether to donate my kidney to my husband,” noted Hodzic.

The initiator of the “Open Network” is the famous radio and TV host Almir Cehajic Batko, and thanks to his engagement in the past period, a total of 560 seriously ill residents who needed medical treatment abroad were saved.



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