Bosnian City of Mostar holds First Local Election in 12 Years

( Željko Milićević – Anadolu Agency )

Zeljko Bakalar, President of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CEC BiH), visited some polling stations in Mostar today with several members, saying that all polling stations were open at seven o’clock, without delay and that the election process was going well until this moment, reports Anadolia.

He pointed out the importance of holding local elections in the city on the Neretva River.

”Of course, it is important for Mostar, after 12 years we finally have elections, ie after eight years, we have the opportunity to finally constitute the legislature, ie the City Council of the City of Mostar. After such a break, the people of Mostar finally got the opportunity to vote for their local government,” said Bakalar.

After more than 12 years, elections for the City Council of the City of Mostar are being held today. Polling stations are open at 7 am, and the local elections in 2020 for the City Council of the City of Mostar are being held in compliance with the prescribed epidemiological measures. Voting will last until 7 p.m.

”All polling stations are open at seven o’clock, without delay. The election process is going in the best order, so far. I have some unofficial information that there was a problem in Vrapcici with the objection of the observers. The City Election Commission of Mostar will decide on this complaint. I don’t know exactly what the allegations in the complaint are about,” Bakalar explained.

He called on all voters in Mostar to go to the polls because, as he said, “this should be a festival of democracy, after 12 years”.

The Central Voters Register for the local elections in the City of Mostar was concluded on November 11 as of November 5 at midnight, and 100,864 voters are registered, of which 96,797 voters who vote at regular polling stations, 48 ​​voters to vote in absentia, 34 for voting in person for the 1991 municipality and 3,985 voters for voting by mail.

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