Bosnian Borders open only to Traffic of Goods, Entry to the Country limited


Several members of Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina have confirmed to Fena news agency that the country’s borders are closed to road traffic, and entry is allowed to nationals who are required to report to a sanitary inspector who will determine their 14-day self-isolation, Fena news agency reports.

The border with the Republic of Croatia is open for the transit of BiH citizens and for the goods traffic at the border crossings of BC Samac, BC Gradiska and BC Bijaca.

The Republic of Serbia and Montenegro have introduced a complete roadblock for passenger traffic. The border crossing for goods traffic towards Montenegro was opened at the BC Klobuk, while for the goods traffic towards Serbia, the BC Vardište, BC Karakaj and BC Rača were opened.

In the meantime, this information was confirmed by the Border Police itself in a press release. “The situation changes from hour to hour, and we hereby request the public to follow only relevant information of the competent authorities in order to be informed,” the BiH Border Police said.



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