Bosniaks in Norway: Highly skilled, hard working and reliable

January 23, 2018 1:15 PM

Our diaspora is very well integrated. The best integrated group is definitely the one in Norway. A highly educated group with whom Norwegian authorities have no problems, which was noted by the Norwegian king himself, stated Ambassador Makarevic.

Due to the aggression on our homeland, a large number of Bosniaks were forced to leave their homes in the period between 1992 and 1995. They found their salvation all around the world, and Norway was one of the first countries that opened their doors to refugees from BiH. The first Bosniak refugees came in this Scandinavian country from Prijedor camps back in 1992, and the largest migrations took place a year later.

Fahrudin Konjhodzic is one of the first Bosniaks who came to Norway, and he knows the state within BH diaspora in the north of Europe. Konjhodzic stated that BH Diaspora is one of the best organized ones, and the largest minority groups according to the data for 2016, which were not changed in the previous period.

“There were 13,500 people in Norway who were born in BiH by the end of 2016. We need to add 3,900 of those who were born in Norway to this number and about 2,000 those who moved in later. In total, according to official Norwegian statistics, 17,400 of our citizens live in this country. This data puts them in the seventh place regarding the number and size of this group, from the total of 223 different national communities in Norway. Any research on our people living in Norway will lead to the conclusion that citizens from BiH are the best integrated group, they are at the very top when it comes to education, they are good workers and they are very reliable. When you take a look at all of this statistics, it is hard not to be proud of such a group,” stated Konjhodzic.

“It is important to note the role of the Cultural Society “Preporod”, which is in the service of our community for more than twenty years, and is the main initiator of all activities that are important for the promotion of religion, culture and heritage. There are some other organizations whose activities are also focused on preserving the feeling of belonging to our homeland, BiH.”

Nedim Makarevic is the newly appointed Ambassador of BiH in Norway, and, he had the opportunity to get to know all the activities of our community in this country in the previous period. He claims that for BiH, as well as its citizens, the government of this country has only words of praise.

BiH and Norway are two friendly countries, and there is a lot of space for further cooperation at a higher level. Makarevic is well aware of the fact that Norway, as one of the richest countries in the world, can help our homeland, and therefore, he will try to encourage Norway to help BiH more, in many ways.

“It is very important to get Norway interested into investing more money in BiH. Norway can help BiH to solve a very important problem of remaining mines from the previous war. There is a large number of funds through which this country can help BiH in a financial sense. I also expect from Norway to help us on its way towards joining the NATO Alliance, which is one of the main priorities of BiH,” concluded Makarevic.

(Source: written by Admir Lisica)








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