Bosniak Representatives to submit an Appeal on the Referendum?

September 25, 2015 6:00 PM

nsrsAuthorized Bosniak government representatives in the entity RS will submit an appeal to the Constitutional court of B&H which would dispute the decision on the referendum in RS on the BH judiciary, as said by Mujo Hadziomerovic, president of the Club of Bosniaks in the National council of RS.

“With all legal means we will oppose the decision of Milorad Dodik. Condition for the submission of an appeal in front of the Constitutional court of B&H was for a decision to be published in an Official Gazette. That happened, but we were preparing for it these days. These days, an appeal will be submitted to the Constitutional court of B&H, which is a temporary measure to revoke the decision on the referendum“, said Hadziomerovic.

He added that the Club of Bosniaks also got a decision on forming the Commission for the referendum, and that the meeting which will define the attitude of the Club of Bosniaks related to that decision, will be held in the next week.

“International community probably has better information than us connected to whether there is an obstacle that is a result of its passivity and non-launching the mechanism that has the High representative. The High representative has to have the consent of PIC, and as I know, Russia made problems earlier. Whether it is a case today, I really cannot assume“, said Hadziomerovic.

Hadziomerovic said that according to  reactions of the International community, conduction of a referendum in RS represents a violation of the Dayton Peace Agreement and the Constitution of B&H.

“Even if the referendum is conducted, it will never be implemented. I don’t know why Dodik needed this. In numerous statements, he said all needs to be returned to the entity, and we are an example which constantly warns of the behaviour of the judicial institutions in RS. If any reform needed to happen in B&H, than it should be a reform of the judiciary in RS“, said Hadziomerovic.

At the end he said that he hopes that the Constitutional court of B&H will repeal the decision on the referendum in RS.

“There is a sufficient legal basis for it. In this phase and this moment, it would be irresponsible for Valentin Inzko to repeal the decision“, said Hadziomerovic.

As a reminder, a Decision of the Constitutional court on the referendum announced for 15th November, was published yesterday in the “Official Gazette of RS“.



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