Bosnia is threatened to be isolated if COVID Passports are to be introduced

Although the vaccination plan was officially presented in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity, and it was previously done in Republika Srpska entity as well, the fact is that BiH lags far behind in the vaccination process, especially when it comes to European Union countries.

As it was announced yesterday, the leaders of the EU member states will meet next week to discuss plans for COVID passports, which would allow people who have received the vaccine to travel and go on vacation without restrictions.

While the idea already raises concerns about privacy, data sharing and discrimination, governments in many EU member states have indicated they will support such a proposal.

Bosnian eminent infectologist, dr. Ednan Drljevic points out that BiH was basically wrong. As he explains, in a pandemic, the smallest unit is the state, and in such circumstances the whole process is organized and led from the state level.

”In a pandemic, everything should go from the state level, that a coordination body works at the level of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and therefore we cannot take any adequate measure. And the most adequate measure in preventing infection is vaccination. Sarajevo Canton has approved funds for the purchase of the vaccine, but again we have to go through the state,” he told Avaz.

He notes that health workers and those in nursing homes across the European Union are already receiving the second dose of the vaccine, while in our country the delay is ubiquitous.

”So we’re a month late. When we get the vaccines, it will take time to store, distribute, followed by vaccination, and then 21 days should pass for the second cycle. That green card, that is, the COVID passport that is being talked about, can only be obtained after the second vaccination, and it is likely that this will cause us significant problems, because our citizens and businessmen will be denied travel to other countries. I am afraid that we will wait for the second cycle of vaccination until the middle of the summer,” warns Dr. Drljevic.

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