Bosnia-Herzegovina imported almost 74 Million Kilograms of Coffee


Bosnia-Herzegovina imported almost 74 million kilograms of coffee in three years, mostly from Brazil, which confirms that coffee still occupies a high place on the hot drink list among the residents of our country.

According to data from the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA), over 337 million BAM was spent on coffee imported in three years.

The ITA states that during 2017, 24.05 million kilograms of coffee, worth 121.85 million BAM arrived in Bosnia, while in 2018, 24.97 million kilograms of raw materials were imported for the most popular hot drink, which was paid 112.26 million BAM.

Data provided by ITA shows that 24.94 million kilograms of coffee, worth 103.60 million BAM arrived on the domestic market last year.

Most coffee on the domestic market last year came from Brazil, Italy, India, Vietnam and Uganda.

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