Bosnia approves Boeing’s 737 Max Flights

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has approved the flights of Boeing’s 737 Max plane, which crashed in two accidents in 2019, which is why their use was banned throughout the world.

Regulators around the world grounded the most modern Boeing 737 Max planes in March 2019, after two horrific accidents that killed 346 people.

In recent days, regulators all around the world have re-approved these planes, and so has BiH.

The BiH Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA) has issued a safety directive that allows Boeing 737-8 MAX and Boeing 737-9 MAX planes to conduct commercial air transport operations on the territory of BiH and above the territory of BiH.

Before the first flight of commercial air transport performed by these aircraft on the territory of BiH and above, the operator is obliged to meet certain conditions specified in the safety directive, following the directives of the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

To recall, in March 2019, the BHDCA issued a safety directive suspending flight operations for these planes on the territory of BiH and above its territory, after EASA and many countries did the same. Two plane crashes of these types were the reason for that.

Last week, EASA approved the return of the use of the Boeing 737 MAX modified version, requiring software upgrades, rework of electrical installations, maintenance checks, updating of operation manuals, and crew training that will enable this plane to fly safely in European skies after nearly two years, writes.

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