Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Capital should get a new Mayor on Wedensday

Sarajevo City Council Chairman Igor Gavric convened the body’s constituent session on Wednesday (March 24th), at which Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital should get a new mayor after last year’s elections.

City councilors who have been given a mandate by the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina will take over the duty of city councilor by publicly giving and signing a solemn statement in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the Sarajevo City Council.

The session will elect a chairman of the City Council, two deputy chairmen, and a new mayor and deputy mayors of Sarajevo should be elected, it was announced.

The only candidate for mayor of Sarajevo is Bogic Bogicevic at the suggestion of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), while Nasa stranka nominated Anja Margetic, an athlete and member of the BiH swimming team, as deputy mayor, and Narod i pravda nominated Haris Basic as the second deputy mayor.

According to the agreement of the coalition partners, Jasmin Ademovic (People and Justice) should be appointed chairman of the City Council, and deputies Dragan Stevanovic (SDP) and Mirela Dzahverovic (Nasa Stranka).

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