Bosnia and Herzegovina postpones Local Elections for November 15th


At today’s session in Sarajevo, the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Bosnia and Herzegovina decided that this year’s local elections will be held on November 15 instead of October 4, Avaz news portal reports.

The decision on prolongation was made due to problems with financing, ie non-adoption of the BiH budget, which was supposed to provide funds for the elections.

Today, the CEC also adopted instructions on deadlines and the order of election activities. In the period from July 19th to July 27th this year, certified political parties and certified independent candidates need to submit an application for certification of coalitions, ie lists of independent candidates.

Candidate lists are submitted in the period from August 5 to 17, is stated in the decision of the CEC. Having in mind the current situation with the coronavirus, the CEC also enabled electronic reports. The election campaign begins on October 16th and will last until the beginning of the election silence, ie until November 14th until 7 am.

The deadline for voter registration expires on September 1st at 8 p.m. On May 7, the CEC decided to call local elections where citizens will choose 64 municipal councils in the Federation of BiH, 56 municipal assemblies in the Republika Srpska, 120 mayors in BiH, 14 city councils in the FBiH, 7 city assemblies in the RS, 22 mayors in BiH and the Brcko District Assembly.



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