Bosnia and Herzegovina declares Pandemic in one Part of its Territory

An order declaring a state of a pandemic of the infectious disease COVID-19 was published on Friday in the Official Gazette of the Federation of BiH, Radio Sarajevo news portal reports.

The order was issued after the Federal government ordered a declaration of the epidemic but waited for the cantons to do so first, which did not happen.

Therefore, the FBiH declared an epidemic. But declaring a state of epidemic for citizens and their lives means nothing.

As explained to Radio Sarajevo in the Ministry of Health of the FBiH, declaring an epidemic of the disease COVID-19 is a measure that enables institutions to work faster and more efficiently.

When it comes to citizens, they must abide by orders and measures issued by crisis headquarters.

On July 2, the FBiH Government adopted information on the deteriorating epidemiological situation in the Federation of BiH, and obliged the Federal Minister of Health Vjekoslav Mandic, in accordance with the powers of the Law on Protection of Citizens from Infectious Diseases, to declare the COVID-19 epidemic territory of the Federation of BiH.

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