Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia continue Mutual Support


Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic met on Monday with the Ambassador of the Republic of Northern Macedonia to BiH, Ekrem Ebibi.

The interlocutors discussed the current political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.  Relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Northern Macedonia were assessed as very good and friendly, noting that mutual support between these countries would continue in the coming period.

Ambassador Ebibi highlighted the initiative on “Little Schengen” as very good and useful, hoping that Bosnia and Herzegovina would consider the issue of inclusion with the utmost care.

The interlocutors also discussed the current decision of the European Union to reject the start of pre-accession negotiations for the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

Chairman Komsic reiterated his position that the continuation of Euro-Atlantic integration was of great importance for both countries, both for their security and stability.

Chairman Komsic, among other things, stressed that the “Little Schengen” initiative will be considered when an official invitation to Bosnia and Herzegovina comes, but that it must be considered within the Berlin process and cannot be a substitute for European integration.


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