Borovac: 20 Years after the War and we still have 121 Collective Centers

May 7, 2015 9:15 AM

Semiha BorovacMinister for Human Rights and Refugees of BiH, Semiha Borovac said in an interview that still about the half of refugees and displaced persons, and that is around a million of as internally displaced, as well as persons who left Bosnia and Herzegovina, are yet to solve the housing problem.

“What is being done now are big projects through the Regional Housing Program, closure of collective centers and the regular renewal through the Return Fund, that is already in progress. Our priority is the start of activities on the closure of collective centers, start of the construction, and practically in these four years, the completion of the big Regional Housing Program“, stated Minister Borovac.
When it comes to the Regional Housing Program, she reminded that BiH got an opportunity to,  through  this program, to solve the issue of housing for 5.400 families, i.e. 14.000 persons.

According to some official attitudes and estimates of the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees, construction of these 1.870 residential units should start in fall this year.

Minister Borovac reminded that the repair and reconstruction of 1.380 residential units and the construction of around 438 apartments will start.

When it comes to collective centers, she emphasized that, unfortunately, “even 20 years after the war, we have 121 collective centers“.

She emphasized that there is still around 7.247 persons in collective centers. Those are mainly families that are vulnerable and who live in quite difficult conditions. 2.600 residential units should be built for their accommodation.



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