Boris and Lejla have been admitted to Prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology!

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States this fall will become richer for two outstanding Bosnian-Herzegovinian talents, Richmond Park Middle School graduates in Sarajevo who have been admitted to this prestigious University solely through their efforts, persistence and dedication.

For many years Boris Velasevic and Lejla Skelic have won prizes and medals at all national and international competitions in mathematics, physics and computer science and have been advancing and achieving their goal of studying at one of the best universities in the world during four years of education.

Lejla stated that application at MIT was personalized and that during the interview, she was honest and open and had the opportunity to show her qualities and benefits.

At the recently held EGMO Olympics 2019 (European Mathematical Olympics of Girls) in Ukraine (Kiev), Lejla won second place and a silver medal.

For his part, Boris said he was very pleased and excited about the success he achieved, adding that there are great universities and only a few get the chance to study there.

Boris was also accepted at Columbia University in New York, but he decided to study at MIT.


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