Border Crossing with Croatia closed due to Floods in Tomislavgrad

Heavy rain that has been falling for days in the area of ​​the municipality of Tomislavgrad has given a lot of work to firefighters. As the commander of the Tomislavgrad Professional Fire Brigade, Mate Jurcevic, told Fena, during the day all their equipment and personnel were engaged in pumping out water from the flooded family and public institutions.

”Our pumps today worked on pumping water from the nursing home in Tomislavgrad, from a residential building above the post office and in several family houses. A large number of homeowners have procured their own pumping equipment because they know from previous experiences that heavy rains cause them a lot of problems,” said Jurcevic.

Large amounts of rainfall also led to the overflow of water over some roads, so the local road in the part of Vinicko polje, next to the settlement of Vinice, which leads to the border crossing with the Republic of Croatia, was closed.

According to the Tomislavgrad Police Department, in recent days the water has endangered traffic safety on the section of the main road Tomislavgrad – Posusje in Mrkodol, and it was also critical on the county road from Tomislavgrad to Blidinje and from Mandino Selo to Borcani, Omolj and Seonica, where the local river Ricina threatened to overflow from the riverbed.

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