Bono Vox to receive the Charter of Honorary Citizen at the Sarajevo Film Festival

May 9, 2017 11:30 AM

bonoFrontman of the group U2 Paul David Hewson, also known as Bono Vox, was declared as an honorary citizen of Canton Sarajevo during the last night’s ceremonial session of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo.

In the explanation of the Assembly of CS was noted that unlike many other rock stars, Vox decided to spend his time, money and fame in humanitarian activities. During the siege of Sarajevo, Bill Carter was filming a documentary film Miss Sarajevo, which was produced by Bono Vox and the eponymous song was made thanks to him.

The Charter, which he receive during the Sarajevo Film Festival, was awarded for great contribution in giving the support to our citizens during the siege of Sarajevo as well as the contribution to fight for human rights and freedoms on the principles of humanity, solidarity, and democracy among different religions, nation and culture.

As stated in the explanation that was read during the ceremonial session of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo, Vox did not want to remain silent and just watch the suffering of the citizens of BiH but he decided to warn on the events in BiH, on the closest way to himself – the language of art.

During his performance in Bologna on July 17, 1993, he connected with Sarajevo via satellite link where Bill Carter interviewed citizens of Sarajevo about the situation that they were going through. This move of the Irish band made the British and world media to finally start writing about the suffering of citizens of BiH during the war.

Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo Elmedin Konakovic said that Vox is a man who deserves to receive the Charter because he told the truth about the events that happened in Sarajevo.

The plaque was also awarded to Bogic Bogicevic for his courage and determination in the historical moments of the state of BiH on the path to its independence and for the continuous fight for values of BiH.



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