Blue Training on the World Autism Awareness Day

March 29, 2017 10:30 AM

blue trainingRunners are marking the 2nd of April, the World Autism Awareness Day, on Vrelo Bosne. Join them on the Blue training by walking or running on Sunday morning at 9 am in the parking lot at the entrance to Velika Aleja.

In the term of their regular Sunday training, members of the association “Marathon”, in cooperation with the association EDUS – Education for all, will mark the 2nd of April – The World Autism Awareness Day, and in this way show solidarity and support for the people within the autism spectrum and their families.

“Our weekly training sessions on Vrelo Bosne is a unique opportunity to gather the running community and make the longest and often the hardest training of the week easier to each other. However, this is an opportunity that we, runners, provide support to vulnerable categories of our society, where it is usually missing. On the initiative and invitation of our colleagues from the organization EDUS, we decided to paint our first April training in blue and invite our colleagues’ runners to run in blue T-shirts. With this symbolic gesture, we will join the worldwide campaign of awareness about autism, and we want to draw public attention to the needs of children and adults from the autism spectrum,” said Selma Mameledzija from the association “Marathon” Sarajevo.

Organization EDUS is a non-governmental organization, which provides scientifically improved model of educational programs for children within the autistic spectrum and other developmental disorders in cooperation with public kindergartens and schools.

Blue training is one of a series of initiatives which will inform others about autism and the needs of these children in April.

Everyone who wants to participate in the Blue training can come on Sunday, the 2nd of April, from all sides, in the parking lot at the entrance to Velika Aleja at 9 am and by walking or running in blue mark the World Autism Awareness Day, and all those who want to support the work of EDUS by selling their kilometers on Deksalgin Spring Run on the 23rd of April 2017 can contact staff of EDUS on the Blue training or by registering on the email or Facebook page EDUS – Edukacija za sve.

For registration and more information about Deksalgin Spring Run, visit the official website of the association “Marathon“.



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