Bishop Grigorije: Why building so many Churches when Hospitals are neglected?

October 7, 2016 5:00 PM

fna_31683_grigorijeThe bishop of Zahumlje and Herzegovina Grigorije gave an interview in which he commented on the current situation in the society.

“I said many times that not so many churches have to be built because we have hospitals that have no towels, no paper, where everything is neglected, and it is difficult to look at that because that is, in a way, a reflection of our Church,” said bishop Grigorije.

Bishop Grigorije added that schools are not in the shape we want them to be either, and he openly discussed many private topics. He said that despite countless critics he will continue wearing jeans and other clothes that civilians make, and that he will continue playing football, explaining this by saying that he is not afraid of being different.

“I am pleasantly surprised when I see how some people do not care about what I am wearing, but there are also those who criticize me all the time. Some people constantly criticize me for playing that sport. The fact that I wear jeans and that I often wear civil clothes is not something unconscious. It turns out the fact that I am a priest makes me more holly than those who are not clergy, and that is a big lie,” this bishop said.



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