Bingo Ltd. Started a Goat Farm: more than 1.500 Liters of Milk Produced

May 26, 2015 4:00 PM

Goat Farm novovrijeme.baIn mid-December, 2014, the company, Bingo Ltd. Tuzla, started a goat farm in Šićki Brod, near Tuzla.

Initially, the company operated with 260 animals and 6 co-workers to manage the farm. The first group of litters arrived on January 15th this year, increasing the farm’s animal population by 84. Since January, new kids have been born every day at a steady rate, and now the farm has a total of 600 goats.

”The Dairy Noćko from Živinice is processing and bottling milk for the services offered by Bingo. In order to place a fully domestic product into the market, we made sure that the packaging was from our country as well, specifically from the company EZ Ltd. Busovača”, said Bingo.

The company notes that the goat breeding industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina is underdeveloped, and for that reason, they have decided to start this farm, in order to enable customers to purchase domestic milk and quality dairy products.

The company’s milking operations, for the purposes of manufacturing and processing, have begun recently, and to this day, more than 1,500 liters of superior goat’s milk have been produced. The milk was placed in Bingo markets for the first time on May 15th.

As the quantity of milk is still minimal, the distribution of the milk is carried out only in select Bingo centers.

Bingo’s goats eat and live in excellent conditions, regularly graze in the surrounding fields, and are additionally fed with grains.

”In the following period, our intention is to expand the herd to 1,000 animals”, announced Bingo.




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