BIMAL starts exporting edible Oil to Malaysia

bimalAfter the achieved export to China last year, BIMAL exported the first amounts of edible oil to Malaysia, thus continuing its market penetration in the Far East.

Factory for production of edible oil BIMAL from Brčko dispatched the first amounts of edible oil to Malaysia. The first contingent of goods was exported to a buyer in Malaysia in late May this year, after which new orders from the Far East arrived.

“The first trial contingent of goods dispatched from Brčko has been accepted well and since then another six flexi-tanks of oil in the total amount of 170.000 BAM were delivered to the same buyer,” confirmed Nataša Pucar, Director of Corporate Communications of STUDEN Holding, within which the factory BIMAL operates.

BIMAL has a strategic vision of development and placement of its products on new markets. The factory from Brčko has been continuously exporting to the European Union, Turkey and the Middle East for a number of years now, and they have been exporting to China since last year.

Since the privatization of the factory in 2002, over 100 million BAM were invested into the development of production capacities and business. Today, BIMAL is among the most modern oil factories in the Southeastern Europe.


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