BiH’s Prosecutors Office ordered Custody for Two Persons caught in the restricted Area of Sarajevo Airport

Following the questioning of the suspects the assigned prosecutor filed a motion for Order of Custody for two persons, foreign citizens who were deprived of liberty in the restricted area of the Sarajevo International Airport (SIA).

Prosecutor of the Special Department for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption, filed a motion for an order of custody for Tayb Toufik, born in 1988 in Algiers, a citizen of Algeria and Ben Zekri Chiheb Edinne, born in 1994 in Tunisia, a Tunisian citizen.

Remand in custody was, inter alia, proposed due to risk of flight as the suspects are foreign citizens who might become unavailable to the judiciary of BiH.

The aforementioned suspects were detected and deprived of liberty in the limited movement zone at the Sarajevo Airport, in a place and area where no access is allowed to citizens and where controls and other procedures are not being carried out.

The suspects are charged with the criminal offense of Smuggling of Persons under Article 189 of the CC BiH.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina accepted the motion of the Prosecutor’s Office and ordered custody for the suspects.

Intensive work on the case continues.


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