BiH’s Prime Minister congratulated Husein Kavazovic for reelection as Head of Islamic Community in BiH


The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Denis Zvizdic congratulated Husein Kavazovic on his re-election for the reis-ul-ulema of the Islamic Community in BiH.

Zvizdic expressed his conviction that in the forthcoming term, Kavazovic will continue to work diligently and devotedly to strengthen the moral values of society and to act good for the community.

He added that Kavazovic showed that he properly understood the essence of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and especially the importance of the national, religious and cultural identity of Muslim Bosniaks as a strong binding substance of BiH’s multiculturalism.

“I wish you, in good health and with God’s help, to continue to be a representative and promoter of human and Islamic values, and to represent and lead Muslims of BiH and the region in a wise and dignified manner in the years to come,” as stated in the congratulatory message sent by Zvizdic.

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