BiH Youth created a System of ‘Smart Houses’

October 14, 2017 2:30 PM

“We have very good engineers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) that can produce exactly these kinds of things. The price of such things abroad is very high. It is our people who live in neighboring countries, as well as the EU and America, and produce these things and have the knowledge and background in our education for these things. We have decided to try to keep this young workforce here, but also to show it to the world. Also, to awaken the interest of other companies to start making such things in BiH,” Almin Hasandic from bSmart told us.

Flin cool is their first product that is already on the Montenegrin market and has a significant number of customers. It is used for managing air conditioners with the help of smartphones. There is already interest in European Union countries, which is currently the most suitable market for such products.

“We have connected our device over the wireless to the application on the phone, and with the help of the phone we will manage this device. This device also manages the air conditioners. There is also our packaging, which we also designed and worked on. A part of the team is programming the software, while the other, of which I am a part, is doing the hardware,” Ermin Suny added.

In their country, they have created a rapidly growing business. They want to stay in BiH. For success, they say, they need ideas, will and the right team. They add that they had the most difficulties when registering the company.

“We had a problem that we started registering the company in the summer period, when our judiciary is on vacation, we had to wait literally a month for them to return from vacation to continue our registration. In that time, we lost one client who was interested in buying our devices because we could not issue an invoice,” Hasandic explained.

The next big goal of these young people is to create a smart home system. This system will give users the opportunity to manage home devices using their mobile phone wherever they are. This system in sales should be released next summer, and until then, from the BSMattra, they say they will employ several more young engineers from BiH.



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