BiH will soon forbid import of used Cars with the Euro 4 Engine

April 28, 2019 2:00 PM

Bosnia and Herzegovina will, from June 1st, forbid the import of used cars with the Euro 4 engine and new cars with the Euro 5 engine. With the imposition of a minimum standard on vehicle imports, it will be possible to import used cars only if they meet the Euro 5 standard and new ones with Euro 6 engine.

This means that BiH will be able to import used vehicles of up to ten years old, business portal reports.

The decision was made by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of BiH, based on the request of the Association of Certified Traders and Retailers of FBiH Cars established at the FBiH Economic Chamber.

“The goal is to have better vehicle safety and less road accidents, less pollution and a healthier environment, more money in the budgets and finally, to meet the requirements for EU accession in the context of reducing carbon dioxide,” says Haris Muratovic, the President of the Association.

Muratovic says the 2016 decision, which also limited car imports, has brought multiple benefits to the wider community. The average age of imported vehicles was reduced to 8.5 years, the number of imported used vehicles decreased and new imports increased.

About 80% of registered vehicles are older than ten years old in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For this reason, the Association has urged the introduction of limitations on the import of used vehicles that do not meet the minimum Euro 5 standards of exhaust gases.


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