BiH to turn a New Page in Communication on the EU Accession Process

January 21, 2018 12:00 PM

About 80 % of citizens of BiH support the accession to the EU, but the analysis show that there has been a certain drop in the support of about 8.8 % during the last three years.

Conducted research analysis shows that citizens in BiH (respondents 1200 +) are continually responding that they do not have enough information on the process of European integrations.

Due to all of this, and the expected candidate status, BiH has decided to create a new Strategy of Communication on the Accession of BiH to the EU – from candidate status to membership, which is in the process of public consultations.

The main message in the communication regarding the process of EU integrations of BiH, according to the new Draft Strategy, will be that the accession to the EU will represent a chance for improvement of the quality of life in BiH.

Amela Hrasnica, the Officer for Communications of the Foreign Policy Initiatives of BiH, noted that the development of the Strategy of Communication on the Accession of BiH to the EU represents an important step in securing greater understanding and support of citizens of BiH to the process of integrations, as well as all the challenges and advantages.

“Unique messages and ways of communication are crucial for the understanding of reform processes and larger involvement of citizens of BiH. We should also praise the fact that the new strategy envisages the involvement of all institutions (after acquiring candidate status),” she stated.



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