BiH technically prepared to answer the European Union Questionnaire

b_161119017Chairman of the Joint Commission for European Integration of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH Nikola Lovrinović stated that, according to the information he disposes with, technical preparations for answering the questionnaire which should be delivered to BiH on December 9 are in a good stage.

“If the institutions are ready, and many of them will participate in answering the questions, then there is the possibility that we get very little additional questions,” said Lovrinović.

Lovrinović said that one problem might be the unanimous nature of the requested answers.

“That ‘one voice’ must exist. It is impossible to have several different answers to a certain question in a certain field and if there are more voices, of course that will be a problem,” Lovrinović warned.

However, Lovrinović added that there is the agreed coordination mechanism which must be put to test now, so that its functionality can be proved.

According to Lovrinović, certain issues that emerge will have to be solved on the go.

“Primarily I hope that the coordination mechanism will function well. Maybe we will lose time on some questions, but it is better to have an unanimous answer which will provide a solution and which will enable us to participate in the further steps,” said Lovrinović.

Lovrinović added that the Directorate for European Integration also has the people who will carry the biggest load in technical terms, those who are already familiar with the meaning of questions and who already know how they should be treated and how the country should prepare for them.


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