BiH has a Surplus of 100 million EUR in the Trade with Austria

March 3, 2017 8:45 AM

exportBiH is the only country in the region that has a surplus in trade with Austria and it amounted to 100 million EUR in the past year.

“This is an exception. No country in the region has a surplus with Austria. The potential is there, and it is partially used,” said the director of the Office of trade counselor of the Austrian Embassy in BiH, Peter Hasslacher.

At the press conference, during which was presented the cooperation between the two countries, was said that Austria is the biggest investor in BiH. Besides Austrian companies from the financial sector, in BiH are investing companies from other sectors as well.

“Austria is the biggest investor for several years, and the mood for investment is growing,” said Hasslacher.

A total of 200 companies invested in BiH and more than 400 Austrian companies operate in various industries that produce, trade, and offer different services.

Director of the company Tondach Wienerberger, which operates for about 20 years in BiH, Jasmin Hoso, emphasized the importance of exports for the development of BH economy.

“The current 32 % are not enough for uncompromised growth and development of the economy in BiH,” stated Hoso.

He stated that a surplus of 100 million EUR that BiH has with the exchange of goods with Austria shows that BiH has the potential and that companies are operating very well.

He said that we need to work on BH ambiance in order to be more competitive for investments, and he believes that foreign investments do not harm BiH, but together with the local investments, they make a path to a more stable future.



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