BiH a Step closer to creating a Legal Framework for checking the Politicians’ Property

August 22, 2017 5:00 PM

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has an opportunity to create a legal framework which would allow the checking of politicians’ property, which has been the subject of frequent speculations in BiH society.

At the beginning of September, the state Parliament will decide about a Proposed Conclusion about forming an inter-resource work group to draft a law about checking the origin of politicians’ property in the institutions of BiH.

The proposal was already adopted in the House of People in the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH and which will most likely be supported by the House of Representatives, despite the opposition of SNSD and HDZ.

During the debate about the point of the agenda, the deputy chairman of the House of Peoples Ognjen Tadic said that the Alliance for Changes entered the government in order to fight criminal and corrupt activities and that such a law is foundational in regard to that.

However, Zdenka Dzambas (HDZ) disagreed with this, saying that it’s “nonsense” since there’s already a Criminal Law of BiH. Dragudin Rodic is of a similar opinion, who also didn’t support the founding of an inter-resource work group.

According to the proposal, Amir Fazlic, Aleksandra Pandurevic and Predrag Kozul from the House of Representatives and Safter Softic, Barisa Colak and Ognjen Tadic from the House of People should be in the inter-resource work group. The Council of Ministers would also name its own three members.

If this proposal is adopted, the task of the group will be to prepare a Law on checking politicians’ property within six months, as well as amendments to existing laws regarding the fight against corruptions, should they be needed.

SDS has been insisting on the adoption of a law that will define a series of actions: if politicians have a disproportional amount of property compared to their income, the Prosecutors Office of BiH will automatically open an investigation and check the origin of the property. In case that it’s “murky”, sanctions will be imposed and the property taken away.

The property of BiH politicians has been a hot topic for a while, considering the fact that people considering that people don’t think that politicians register all of their property.



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