BiH to purchase 65 Million BAM worth Military Helicopters from Airbus?

Helicopters that BiH is planning to purchase for the Armed Forces of BiH will most likely be procured from the Airbus.

The Council of Ministers of BiH, on the proposal of the Ministry of Defense of BiH, adopted the Decision on a multi-year project for procurement of helicopters for the Ministry of Defense and AFBiH, in the total value of 65 million BAM. They are planning to procure the helicopters with financial assistance from the Government of the US by 2021.

“In the Plan of Modernization of AFBiH is stated that we will procure these helicopters from Airbus, because their characteristics meet the needs of BiH.”

However, the problem is how to provide the money that is needed by the year of 2021. For now, the Ministry of Defense provided 6.2 million BAM that were secured through savings on travel expenses, transportation, fuel, material and rent of property and equipment.

Moreover, the United States promised 5 million USD through a donation from programs of military aid that are based on the agreement signed with the Council of Ministers of BiH back in 2001.

Deputy Minister of Defense of BiH Boris Jerinic noted that they are planning to secure the missing funds through savings, as well as donations.

“It might be too ambitious to secure all the money by 2021, but we will do our best to succeed in that,” said Jerinic.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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