BiH Presidency Members met with the Ambassadors of PIC Member States

Members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) hosted political directors from the Steering Board of the member states of the Peace Implementation Council (PIC).

Members of the BiH Presidency have introduced political directors from the member states of the PIC Steering Board to the current political situation in BiH. They emphasized their commitment to further work on reform implementation and fulfillment of conditions for obtaining candidate status for EU membership.

The dedication to the continuation of the European path of BiH and the finalization of the response to the European Commission’s Questionnaire as soon as possible was emphasized. There is a strong belief that, despite the current situation, progress will be made in the process of European integration of BiH in terms of realization of set goals and priorities when it comes to the country’s foreign policy.

The members of the Steering Committee showed again their support for the European road of BiH and recalled that the focus should be on implementing socio-economic and other reforms to improve the quality of life of citizens, enhance rule of law and improve public administration. They also commended the progress made in this direction and reminded all levels of authority in the country to make additional efforts in order to continue the reform process.

Members of the BiH Presidency have expressed gratitude to the member states of the PIC Steering Board for the support they have provided to BiH and expressed the hope that this support will continue in the future as part of the progress towards full membership of the European Union.

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