BiH Presidency Member: I will not allow Division of BiH!

Speaking about the political situation and the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, member of BiH’s Presidency Zeljko Komsic said that any plan aimed at dividing BiH should be opposed.

He stressed that the further disintegration of BiH should be stopped, which was saved through the amendments to the Election Law.

“At this point, the Election Law is a danger, and even those plans that are presented halfway where it is suggested that BiH should be a confederation, and that is a plan for dividing Bosnia,” Komsic said.

When asked about the European Commission’s opinion, which BiH should receive in June, Komsic said that during a visit by a European official, “there will be no enlargement whatsoever”.

Speaking of the NATO path to BiH, Komsic said that BiH received MAP in Tallinn in 2010. Fulfillment of MAP is the next step in front of full membership. He said that the first Annual National Plan had been completed but no one had sent it to Brussels or had any special decision.

“This is a technical matter, there is no need for a decision,” Komsic said, recalling that in Article 83 of the Defense Act he mentions NATO, and Dodik is now offering a mandate to a man who will not respect the law.

Asked how he comments the invitation of Dodik for members of the Armed Forces BiH to wear uniforms on Army of Republika Srpska on May 12, Komsic says it is a call to revolt.

Komsic said that at no cost he would agree on the division of the country and that it was the motive for him to enter into power together with the SDA and the SBB parties, Federal News Agency reports.




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