BiH pays Tribute to Jo Cox

June 23, 2016 4:15 PM

jo coxThe Historical Museum of BiH was yesterday the site of remembrance on Jo Cox, the killed British delegate who would celebrate her 42nd birthday yesterday.

This great and courageous woman was killed because of her political attitudes. She believed that there is a lot more of what unites us than what divides us.

Cox was killed last week in Birstall, in the north of England, in the middle of the street. She will be remembered as an advocate for Palestine and the Syrian children refugees.

People of Srebrenica will especially remember her because she truly cared about them. Gathered in Sarajevo yesterday, they said they cherish the memory of Jo Cox and of everything that she stood behind.

Hariz Halilović, professor of social anthropology who lives on the route Sarajevo – Melbourne – Los Angeles – Srebrenica, said: “I am here on behalf of many compatriots and primarily people of Srebrenica, in order to pay tribute to the woman who knew how to express solidarity and actively take the side of the victims in times when many people did not even pay a thought about it. It is very moving that she gave her daughter the name Lejla, after a girl from Srebrenica whom she met”.

Halilović added that he would rather be here, on the celebration of her birthday, but that politically motivated violence took away another important life.

“I can only pay tribute to that great woman and express condolences to her family,” Halilović added.

Those who gathered in the Historical Museum sent Jo’s message that made her become a symbol in the world – that we have more in common than what divides us (#moreincommon).

Jo’s death devastated her family and represents an attack on the ideals that we as a nation appreciate the most, it was concluded on yesterday’s gathering.



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