BiH Passports safe – printing Technology prevents Forgeries

September 22, 2017 3:00 PM

Passports issued by Bosnia and Herzegovina are printed with a special technology, which makes them impossible to forge, according to a professor at the Faculty of Security in Banja Luka Dusko Vejnovic.

Information that the security agencies of EU significantly increased the level of caution arrived at a time when BiH was debating the acquisition of passports. The tender for the next production of passports was overturned four times and because of that citizens couldn’t get passports for a while, since there weren’t being produced, which was unseen in the history of Europe.

However, after the news regarding passport forgeries reached our country, the question regarding potential forgeries of our passport became a topic.

Last week, German media published news that government authorities are suspecting that Islamic State radicals have around 11,100 empty Syrian passports. In these passports, any information can be put in and that is why they increased the caution level of security agencies of the EU. That presented an opportunity for some right-wing political parties to insist on checking all countries that have a no-visa regime with the EU.

Considering the events of the last months relating to BiH passports, the portal Capital checked how safe our passports were.

An expert from the University of Banja Luka and the president of the EDC Dusko Vejnovic emphasized that the personalization of passports, including a color photo of the individual, is done during the production of the passport so it’s impossible to acquire an empty one.

“That’s why our documents cannot be falsified or misused, which should give our citizens a feeling of security and give our country a strong standing among the EU institutions,” Vejnovic says.




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