BiH and Montenegro to be connected with New Roads soon?

February 16, 2017 9:30 AM

motorway4Ismir Jusko, Minister of Communications and Transport of BiH at the meeting with Osman Nurkovic, Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs of Montenegro, discussed the improvement of road communications between the two countries.

After the recent successful conversations with Serbian representatives in Belgrade, where was agreed connection of the two capitals of BiH and Serbia with the new road, they agreed to start the process of raising funds for connecting major cities in BiH and Montenegro.

The focus of the meeting was on the road Foca-Scepan Polje-Pluzine and railroad Capljina-Trebinje-Niksic, which would be a continuation onto rail routes to Croatia and Albania at a later stage.

It was agreed that next week at a meeting of the UNECE in Geneva they will delegate together for these two projects to be included in SEATO road network in Southeast Europe, which would provide access to European funds.

As announced by the Ministry of Communications and Transport, the constructive meeting and good relations between the two ministers guarantee that obligations and projects that they took over will be started as soon as possible.

Both ministers agreed that both countries must ensure better road and any other communication to people and goods.



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