BiH Kick Box Team won 14 medals at the European Championship


Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) national Kickbox Team won 14 medals at the European Championship for Children, Cadets and Juniors in Hungarian Gyor.

The gold medal was won by Adna Behrem, while the silver medals were taken by Zaim Kulanic, Adna Hodzic, Amar Jusupovic and Lamija Hamulic.

Bronze medals were taken by Huso Turic, Tamara Radovanovic, Aleksandar Milosevic, Sergej Pudar, Ivan Markovic, Ema Hamulic and Dino Ruznic.

On the last competition day, Almin Hodzic, a member of KBV “Flek Tom-Cat” from Tuzla, will fight for a gold medal or a silver medal in the low kick discipline.

The leader of the BiH team was Salko Zildzic, and BiH junior national team coach was Veselin Djuricic.

The coaches of the BiH national team are Senad Osmanovic, Redzep Halilovic, Zijad Halilovic, Husein Alibalic, Slobodan Radovanovic, Senad Catic, Amel Litric, Husein Becirevic, Samir Hamulic, Mustafa Zulic and Beco Durdzic.

The event was attended by 1,991 competitors from 39 WAKO member countries, divided into 255 age / weight categories, Federal News Agency reports.

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