BiH Judoka became Balkan Champions winning 17 Medals!

At the Balkans Senior Championships held in Tirana, in Albania on 30th and 31st March 2019, representatives of BiH became Balkan champions.

Namely, Igor Đurica up to 60 kg, Toni Miletić to 90 kg, Aleksandra Samardžić to 70 kg , Sabina Haračić to 78 kg and Jelena Arnautović over 78 kg.

The silver medals were won by Vuk Elez to 81 kg, Hadis Jerlagić to 100 kg, Vasilije Vujičić over 100 kg and Anđela Samardžić to 63 kg while bronze medals were won Husein Gegić to 66 kg, Nikola Boljanovic to 73 kg, Božidar Vucurevic to 81 kg, Nikola Pljevaljčić to 90 kg, Rajko Mirković over 100 kg, Ana Marija Brkić to 48 kg, Lejla Sejdinović to 57 kg, Lolita Furundžija to 78 kg.

After the competition, it was stated by the Judo Federation of BiH that this is another confirmation of the flawless work of the most accomplished Olympic sports in BiH.


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