BiH Imports of Food Five Times higher than Exports

For years, Bosnia and Herzegovina has the worst result in food and live animals, and in five months of this year, imports are even bigger than five times as much as exports. These products were imported around 978.7 million BAM and exported only 206 million marks.

In I quarter of 2019 increase of value of sold agricultural products has been recorded for cereals by 38,5%, cut flowers by 74,0%, poultry by 5,1% and products of animals by 6,4%, while the value of sold potatoes decreased by 15,7%, vegetables by 5,5%, fruits by 18,0% and other products by 34,2% in relation to the I quarter of 2018.

In I quarter of 2019 in the structure of total sale of agricultural products in green markets vegetables participated with 32,2%, products of animals with 27,6%, fruit with 20,1%, group other products with 8,9%, potato with 6,1%, poultry with 3,5%, cereals with 1,6% and cut flowers with 0,01%.

According to BiH’s Statistics Agency, the average prices of selected sold agricultural products on the green market for I quarter of 2019 are given in this release.

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