BiH could be getting Gas from Israel?

August 17, 2017 3:15 PM

Bosnia and Herzegovina is current getting gas only from Russia, but there’s a plan to construct a gas pipeline so it could get plan from Azerbaijan

It’s interesting that we could start getting gas from Israel in the upcoming several years. A few years ago in that country, huge reserves of gas were discovered. Tel Aviv is now searching for the best way to start exporting that gas to Europe, including the Balkans and, of course, BiH, according to BiznisInfo.

“The Bulgarian government expressed interest in the potential delivery of gas from the Israeli reserves, which are estimated to hold 1,000 billion cubic meters and whose use should start in 2019,” the Bulgarian government said last month.

Bulgaria wishes to construct a gas pipe towards Greece, which would be the entry point for Israeli gas in Southeast Europe. A focus point would be built in Bulgaria, from which that gas would be distributed to other countries, including BiH. The Bulgarian ministry announced that it’s planning to publish a tender for construction of the gas lines towards Greece this autumn.

Israel announced its ambition to start exporting gas to Europe, when preliminary agreements with Cyprus, Greece and Italy about the construction of gas pipelines below the Mediterranean Sea were signed, worth between six and seven billion dollars.

This would be the longest and deepest undersea gas line in the world, the Financial Times noted. The gas line would 2,200 kilometers long and would be 3km deep. Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli Energy Ministry, then announced that the project would be done by 2025.

Steinitz also said that the discovered reserves could only be the tip of the iceberg and that Israel could have up to 3,000 billion cubic meters of gas in the next few years.

(Source: BiznisInfo)



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