BiH to get its first Embassy in South America by the End of the Year?

BiH could get a new embassy in South America by the end of the year, if the Presidency of BiH approves the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH.

The first Embassy of BiH in South America should be opened in Brazil, a country with a large and growing economy, which will be the first diplomatic representative office of BiH in this part of the world, as announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH, Igor Crnadak.

He also noted that it is quite illogical that BiH does not have any representation offices on such large continent, and that it is very important to draw attention to growing economies such as Brazil.

When it comes to the Diplomatic Consular Representation (DCR) of BiH, our country has a total of 52 DCRs, which are mostly located all over Europe and in the part of Asia that is close to the European continent. As for other continents, BiH has one DCR in Australia, two in the territory of the United States, and two for the entire Africa, which are located in Egypt and Libya.

The number of non-resident DCRs of BiH in numerous countries all around the world is 40, with six diplomatic missions, but none of these representations are located in South America. Therefore, this could have a great effect on the further connection with the economy of South America and the states from this area.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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